Alfred Giraud

The Giraud family is a family of coopers from 1875, then Chai Masters from 1910 to 1990, from father to son, grandchildren ... for 4 generations!


In 1995, Philippe Giraud (5th generation) joins a group of Scottish whiskeys where he deals with marketing in Latin America and the Caribbean. In 2004, Philippe creates a wine and spirits distribution company.

In 2009, he decided to combine his knowledge of whiskey and family Charentais know-how to produce a high-end French whiskey and transmit the heritage and expertise of his family.

The aim is to offer a rich, complex and balanced whiskey, something that is a tribute to Alfred, the first Giraud to have been cellar master all his life, and the one whose name will adorn the label of the family whiskey.

To achieve this, the family starts sourcing different 100% French distillates. George Clos, himself former Maître de Chai brings his expertise on this part.

The other strong point of the family is the selection of casks. For this part, it is André (3rd generation) who is at the maneuver. With its experience and an invaluable network, it helps to source barrels that have contained old or very old cognacs. The rest of the blend comes from new American and French oak barrels, some of which come from a family farm in Limousin.

This expertise in blending, which has made cognac an international success, is definitely part of the DNA of Alfred GIRAUD whiskeys.

Thus was born the Whiskys range Alfred GIRAUD!

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