Raymond Bossis

It was in 1919 that the Domaine des Groies was bought by Philippe Bétard. His daughter Marie married Auguste Bossis in 1921 and it was in 1924 that Auguste Bossis began to plant vines.

But it was in 1957 when Raymond Bossis, his son, took over the exploitation that the vineyard developed.

In 1960, the first liters of Cognac were distilled and stored in oak barrels where they would age for many years.

Until 2008, when the last bottles of this first cognac will be sold, almost 50 years later.

Our job is to get the best out of our vines, taking into account the vagaries of the weather which modify the growing parameters each year.

We attach great importance to respect for the environment, which is why we practice reasoned farming according to the Optimus protocol, which minimizes the impact of pesticides on grapes and therefore on wines.


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