André Petit

Around 1850, M. GOULARD, the great grandfather of André Petit, was a weaver. He lived and worked among the Cognac vineyards. With the help of a distillery worker cousin, he decided to build his own distillery and produced his own Cognac.

In 1921, the vineyard took the name of Petit when his mother married Albert Petit.

In 1965, André Petit decided to end his contract with the house of Hennessy to sell his own bottled product.

Today, it is Jacques Petit, his son, who continues the work of the family!

Our Cognacs are elaborated following very old methods.

We harvest our grapes by hand and we distill following the teachings of our grandparents.

In the distillation, we do not use any machines to separate alcohol. We trust our olfactory sense. We are wine growers who develop a Cognac with a pronounced style following our feelings and tastes.

Our Cognac is not a standard quality Cognac.

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