Maison Coquard-Thomas

"Our Coquard-Thomas Cognacs have the particularity of being Cognacs from
property, far from industrial mass production. We have at heart to offer you authentic cognacs, which resemble us".

Maison Coquard-Thomas is owned by Claire Coquard and her husband Olivier Thomas.

Their marriage and their families bring together more than 25 generations of history and experience in wine.

We can affirm that our cognacs, coming from this unique terroir, are: estate cognacs with "their" own identity.

Our vines are cultivated "organically".

- Surface of 27 Ha

- Total production of 90000 bottles

- An ageing cellar with more than 100 barrels.

We have always sold to the most prestigious trading houses, such as Hennessy, Camus, Courvoisier and others.

Today we produce our cognac in our cellars.

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