Guillon Painturaud

Guillon-Painturaud are independent winegrowers, Grande Champagne 1st Cru of Cognac

Guillon-Painturaud are independent winegrowers and members of the Vigneron Indépendant, the society for winegrowers who do everything on their own property, from growing the grapes through to bottling.  Their vineyards are spread over 18 hectares in the heart of Grande Champagne which is the premier area for Cognac.  This area is recognised for the delicacy and the power of its aromas in the Cognac produced.  It is the high quality growths from the calcarious, or chalky, soil as well as the climate which gives Grandes Champagnes’ spirits their aptitude for long ageing.
According to Valentin Guillon's genealogy we know that the family has lived on this farm since 1610.  Gradually, the farm has been planted with vines over three generations, grandfather, father and daughter who have kept their trade secrets for blending the family's Cognac as well as Pineau des Charentes.

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