Founded in 1850, Maison Brillet Cognac : owner to the Grande and Petite Champagne

More than 300 years of history at the heart of Cognac in Premiers Grands Crus de Cognac, Petite Champagne & Grande Champagne.

1656 - Birth of Guy Brillet, founder of the family estate at Bois d'Angeac Premier Crude Cognac.

1850 - Vivien Brillet - 6th generation continues the family tradition, enlarging the vineyards, cellars, and distilleries at Graves along the Charente River,

headquarters of MAISON BRILLET - Since 1850 1920 - Raymond and Jean Brillet (J.R.Brillet) 8th and 9th generations, ensured that

BRILLET is among the first producers of fine Pineau des Charentes, distributed alongside its Cognac Estate in France.

1985 - Jean-Louis Brillet, 10th generation, with over three centuries of family heritage, tradition and savoir faire. Produces, distills, ages and markets worldwide.

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