Francois Voyer

Cognac Fraçois Voyer : Excellence in the heart of Premier Cru of Cognac

Acclaimed by the specialized press as "among the best Grande Champagne" [Planate XO, le Magazine du Cognac, April 1998], the Cognacs François Voyer, which you will find in the finest restaurants in France [Alain Ducasse, Lucas Carton, Laurent.], are essentially the résumé of a family history.

An element that is highly valued by Michel Gillet, the world's greatest collector of Cognacs, for whom the Cognacs François Voyer are "not necessarily the most known ones, but certainly among the best".

François Voyer explains :”My family has worked in Cognac production for generations and generations. This gives us a real experience and a deep knowledge in the production of Cognac... The fact that we are winegrowers is important, especially when you know that more than 98% of the Cognac sold in the world comes from large negociants. As far as we are concerned, our first occupation is to run our family vineyard, and to take care of the entire chain of the production, from planting and growing the vineyard, through harvest, distillation, ageing in our cellars to the bottling and sales over the world with our family name. Today the Cognac produced in our estate is not sufficient any more, and we buy sometimes batches of Cognac, but only to very few suppliers, who share with us the same philosophy : the passion of quality.

We distil ourselves all the wine we produce, to create the very special taste of François Voyer Cognacs. Actually the distillation is THE key point of the whole process of making Cognac. So we really want to control it.

Our vineyard : 28 hectares in Grande Champagne, 1st Cru of Cognac region.

The soil is what we call a "Champagne type soil" which means that it is composed of chalk and clay (like the soil which produces the famous French Champagne)”.

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