François Peyrot

Cognac François Peyrot - Cognac Grande Champagne First Area

How couldn't we mention our great grandfather Jean Baptiste ? He started as wine grower un 1893, and was probably the one who forged this spirit of passion for the land and the wine. But it all really started in 1956 (the vineyard was just 7 hectares) when our grandparents Jean and Mathilde took up distillation and cognac production. The near total of this cognac whas then distributed to the wholesalers of the region. Litle by litle, the vineyard expanded. In 1970, our parents François and Gisèle, decided to launch our own brand and sold their first bottle (a VSOP) under the trademark "Cognac François Peyrot"".

And that's why everyday, proud of this so called "spirit", we devote our efforts to giving the best of our parents "savoir faire" by performing the same gestures for the lingering on of "our cognac", fruit of our love, labour and perseverance.

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