• ABK6 Cognac
    ABK6 Cognac ABK6 Cognac
  • Alfred Giraud
    Alfred Giraud

    The Giraud family is a family of coopers from 1875, then Chai Masters from 1910 to 1990, from father to son, grandchildren ... for 4 generations!

    In 1995, Philippe Giraud (5th generation) joins a group of Scottish whiskeys where he deals with marketing in Latin America and the Caribbean. In 2004, Philippe creates a wine and spirits distribution company.

    In 2009, he decided to combine his knowledge of whiskey and family Charentais know-how to produce a high-end French whiskey and transmit the heritage and expertise of his family.

    The aim is to offer a rich, complex and balanced whiskey, something that is a tribute to Alfred, the first Giraud to have been cellar master all his life, and the one whose name will adorn the label of the family whiskey.

  • André Petit
    André Petit

    Around 1850, M. GOULARD, the great grandfather of André Petit, was a weaver. He lived and worked among the Cognac vineyards. With the help of a distillery worker cousin, he decided to build his own distillery and produced his own Cognac.

    In 1921, the vineyard took the name of Petit when his mother married Albert Petit.

    In 1965, André Petit decided to end his contract with the house of Hennessy to sell his own bottled product.

    Today, it is Jacques Petit, his son, who continues the work of the family!

  • Artonic France
  • Augier

    Established in 1643 by a wine merchant, Augier is the oldest of the cognac houses.

  • Bache Gabrielsen
    Bache Gabrielsen Cognac Bache Gabrielsen
  • Baron Otard
    Baron Otard

    Cognac Baron Otard

  • Bernard Boutinet
    Bernard Boutinet

    Cognac Bernard Boutinet

  • Bertrand

    n the heart of one of the two premier growing regions of Cognac which make up the Fine Champagne, the Bertrand family has passed down from generation to generation, since 1731, the art of cultivating the vines.

  • Bisquit
    Bisquit Cognac, Bisquit
  • Bourgoin

    BOURGOIN COGNAC est un cognac de vigneron. Le domaine familial est situé dans le village de Tarsac, sur la commune de Saint Saturnin, en Charente (France). Nos cognacs sont sincères et authentiques. Ici pas de longs discours, la vérité est au fond de la bouteille. Vous y trouverez l’émotion d’un grand cognac. Recevez ce coup de poing, comme un cadeau. Éblouissement ou stupeur légère, vous n’en reviendrez pas indemne.

  • Bowen
    Bowen Cognac, Bowen
  • Braastad
    Braastad Cognac, Braastad
  • Brard Blanchard
    Brard Blanchard

    Cognac Brard Blanchard Vignerons Bio

  • Brasserie des Gabariers
  • Brillet
    Brillet Cognac Maison Brillet
  • Camus

    Cognac Camus

  • Chabasse
  • Chateau de Beaulon
    Chateau de Beaulon Cognac Chateau de Beaulon
  • Château Montifaud
    Château Montifaud

    Cognac Château de Montifaud

  • Claude Thorin
    Claude Thorin Cognac Claude Thorin
  • Cognac A.E. DOR
    Cognac A.E. DOR

    Cognac AE Dor

  • Cognac Confidential
    Cognac Confidential

    This family property located in Grande Champagne has existed for 400 years, and has vineyards for 350 years.

    Distillation has no secret for them for 230 years.

    With 25 hectares of vines, it is certified High Environmental Value.

  • Cognac Croizet
  • Cognac de Montleau
    Cognac de Montleau

    The origins of the de Montleau family are from more than four hundreds years ago.

    They are a branch of the La Rochefoucauld family, a family from whom the royal family of England is also a descendant.

    Cognac de Montleau was one of Tsars Alexander III and Nicolas II of Russia favourite Cognac*. The family legend even used to say that Alexander III visited the castle in person to choose the best Cognac.

    *As described in “The last Romanov” by Dora Levy Mossanen and on the official website of Alexander Palace.

  • Cognac Deau
    Cognac Deau

    DEAU COGNAC is located in Sireuil (Charente, France) and more precisely at Les Moisans a hamlet in the hearth of the cognac region.

  • Cognac Godet
    Cognac Godet

    We have a rich history of honouring craft and taste since 1588

  • Cognac Kelt
    Cognac Kelt

    Until the early 1900s all cognac was shipped in barrels.

    The long sea-voyages had a profound effect on the quality of the cognac. When cognac started to be shipped in bottles the magical effect was lost.

    Until now...

  • Cognac Légier
    Cognac Légier

    The daughter of a winegrower, Marie Légier is the 4th generation in the family and the 3rd to run this family property, nestled in the heart of the 1er cru de Cognac: Grande Champagne!

    With her collaborators, she has always had at heart to work with respect for the land, the wine and its spirits.

    This is why, long before the current ecological craze, it had an environmentally friendly approach. Its vines are treated using always doses below the recommended minimum and many certified organic products.

    Committed to sustainable viticulture, the property is in the process of being certified.

  • Cognac Moisans
    Cognac Moisans

    The domain: 60 hectares including 30 hectares of vines in Fins Bois. This region of the AOC Cognac is known for the finesse of the brandies it produces and for the delicacy and suppleness of cognacs after aging.

  • Cognac Navarre
    Cognac Navarre

    Settled in Grande Champagne since the 14th century, Pierre Navarre, owner and merchant, bought the current property located on the banks of the Charente.

  • Cognac Peyrat
    Cognac Peyrat

    When he established the Maison Peyrat at the end of the 19th century, Henri Peyrat wanted to pass on his passion by giving priority to a family-based Cognac. Nowadays, his grandson Philippe seeks to let people discover the Cognac Peyrat and its outstanding blending made out of infinite richness and the soul of its terroir. The Maison Peyrat decided to enhance all the appellations by creating the concept of Cognac from the Terroirs.

    Values of tradition and exigency allow us to offer a range of quality, as well as liquors while at the same time maintaining the original characteristics, somehow the DNA of Peyrat. Represented in many countries, the Maison Peyrat successfully managed to keep its innovative spirit, and thus to create elegant and sophisticated new products.

  • Cognatheque
  • Comandon
  • Couprie
    Couprie Cognac Couprie
  • Courvoisier
  • D'Ussé

    D’USSÉ™ Cognac is masterfully crafted at the prestigious Château de Cognac, one of the oldest cognac houses in France. It has a 200-year legacy in blending some of the world’s finest spirits. The Château’s proximity to the River Charente results in two climates within its walls: a humid cellar that results in fruity, floral notes, and a dry cellar that brings out the woody, spicy flavors of the cognac. Blending the two eaux-de-vie results in the boldness of character in D'USSÉ Cognac.

  • Daniel Bouju
    Daniel Bouju Cognac Daniel Bouju
  • Davidoff Cognac
    Davidoff Cognac

    Davidoff Cognac

  • De LUZE
  • Delamain

    Cognac Delamain

  • Denis
    Denis Cognac Jacques Denis
  • Distillerie Du Peyrat
    Distillerie Du Peyrat

    The Du Peyrat Distillery is deeply committed to the quality and sustainability of its spirits. For this reason, the supply is only of grapes from vineyards from organic farming, thanks to a network of trusted partners from the association of organic wine producers.

    Also strongly committed to organic production methods since 1998, the year in which Jean-François Rault decided to convert all of his vineyard to organic.

    Today, La Distillerie Du Peyrat is proud to be one of the main distillers for the production of organic spirits in the region.

  • Dixneuf Père et Fils
  • Dobbé

    The Dobbé family has been producing exceptional cognacs in Salignac-sur-Charente, a small village near Cognac in France, for eight generations. The family’s vineyard estate extends mainly over the Petite Champagne area, one of the largest and most prestigious cru in Charente.

  • Domaine de Château Guynot
    Domaine de Château Guynot

    Located between Saintes and Royan, the Domaine de Château Guynot, former home of the Marquis de Monconseil, still keeps track of its history.

    The 22ha vineyard is located on one of the first four vineyards of the Cognac appellation area.

  • Domaine de Fraichefont
    Domaine de Fraichefont

    The domain of Fraichefont belongs to Mr. Lionel Ducom.

    A pasionnate of the vine which cultivates 3 hectares has Auge Saint Medard in the vintage of the fine woods since the beginning of the 90s.

  • Domaine de la Chauvilliere
    Domaine de la Chauvilliere

    The Domaine de la Chauvillière is a family vineyard located in the appellation "Cognac Bons Bois" in the municipality of Sablonceaux in Charente-Maritime.

  • Domaine du Chêne
    Domaine du Chêne

    From generation to generation the skills in making wine, Cognac and Pineau des Charentes have been passed down, so we can bring the best of Charentaise tradition to a modern, human scale technique.

    We have been an acknowledged "vigneron indépendant" for 25 years and we believe in their values and our responsibilities. Our commitment, professionalism and skill are the incarnation of the name. An independent winegrower is someone who is a true representative of the whole industry. They respect the charter of the Vigneron Indépendant, which is there to guarantee the quality and authenticity of their work.

    For more than 15 years now we have made the protection of our environment part of our production, from the vine to the bottle. We have been developing "viticulture raisonnée"  and hope to be awarded the label "HVE" Haute Valeur Environnementale very soon.

  • Domaine du Puits Faucon
  • Drouet & Fils
    Drouet & Fils

    Cognac Drouet & Fils

  • Du Frolet Quintard
    Du Frolet Quintard

    A family story

    We are two brothers, Thomas and Bastien Quintard, with the vine in our DNA.

    Fourth generation on family lands, we created a brand that resembles us, choosing the name "Frolet" engraved on a stone of the property, in tribute to this place where we grew up.

    Independent winemakers since 2018 and committed to a recognized environmental approach, respect for the terroir is at the heart of our approach.

  • Dupont

    Cognac J. Dupont - The Art of Grande Champagne

  • Estève

    Cognac Famille Estève

  • Fanny Fougerat
    Fanny Fougerat

    Fanny Fougerat is working to valorize her craftsmanship, and reveal typicity of her spirits. From vineyard to distillation, and during the aging, Fanny Fougerat is looking for fresness, fineness and precision. Her cognacs are refined and very pleasant, fashioned without additives.

  • Favraud
  • Fj Baron Distribution
    Fj Baron Distribution

    After his rewarding expérience in a big group, where he built his culture and passion for spirits,

    FREDERIC BARON decided to start his own adventure in alcohol industry, thereby born FJ BARON DISTRIBUTION in 2011.

    Excellence is a guide and he surrounds himself with the best skills in the Spirit Valley.

    With Bertrand AURIOL, a renowned Master Blender, he created his first product, the Vodka ICE ONE BARON.

    Today, the company continues to expand its product’s range in the Premium and Super Premium segments: Rum, Gin, and Cognac … have been added to the vodka.

    Awarded during tastings, FJ BARON DISTRIBUTION products are designed in respect of quality and craft traditions, for an unforgettable experience.

  • Forgeron

    Family owned for over 100 years, Michel and Francine Forgeron developed with passion since 1965, elegant, authentic and exceptional quality cognac.

  • François Peyrot
    François Peyrot Cognac François Peyrot
  • François Voyer
    François Voyer Cognac François Voyer
    FRAPIN Cognac, Frapin
  • G et C Raby
    G et C Raby

    Producer of Cognac Grande Champagne, wines and grape juices.
    Direct sales of Cognac, Pineau, wine and grape juice

    Located in le Logis de la Brée in Segonzac in Charente (16), former home of a knight: le Chevalier de la Croix Maron, inventor of the "charentaise" double distillation.

  • Gautier
  • Geffard Henri
    Geffard Henri

    Located in the heart of Grande Champagne in Charente, 1st Cognac Cru, our family has been developing cognac since 1840.

    Five generations from father to son and today still our two children Karine and Stéphane continue the tradition by taking over the continuation.

  • Giboin

    Giboin is an expert producer of both Cognac and Pineau de Charentes, with 60 acres (24 hectars) of vineyards in both the Borderies and Fins Bois Cognac growing areas of the Charente.

    This family run, traditional brand has a history stretching back to the early part of the nineteenth century, and exclusively produces a very limited amount of Cognac per year. Using predominantly Ugni Blanc grapes, but Merlot too, Giboin strives to remain committed to the methods used by the family’s founders, and for a small house curates a surprisingly versatile and wide range of Cognac and Pineau products.

  • Gilles Brisson
    Gilles Brisson

    Cognac Gilles Brisson, a family affair, a family with a taste for authenticity who knew how to take advantage of an exceptional land to cultivate vines and to distil the wine which will become a nectar of the gods: the COGNAC

  • Gourry de Chadeville
    Gourry de Chadeville Cognac Gourry de Chadeville
  • Grosperrin

    Cognac Grosperrin

  • Guerbé
    Guerbé Cognac Guerbé
  • Guillon Painturaud
    Guillon Painturaud Cognac Guillon Painturaud
  • Hardy

    Maison Hardy owes its name to an authentic English gentleman, Anthony Hardy. Like any conscientious wine and spirit merchant, Hardy liked to get out of London as often as he could and head down to Charente to check on the progress of the finest Cognac crus. He finally succumbed to the region’s charms in 1863, relocating permanently and founding Maison Hardy. As a mark of his great affection for France and the French, he went so far as to adopt the Gallic form of his Christian name, henceforth being known as Antoine Hardy. He also adopted the iconic French cockerel as the emblem of his new company.

  • Hennessy
  • Hine
  • Jean Fillioux
    Jean Fillioux Cognac Jean Fillioux
  • La Distillerie Generale
    La Distillerie Generale

    And if you had access to the artisans behind the big brands!

    And if these craftsmen gave you access to their know-how and their precious treasures!

  • La Grange du Bois
    La Grange du Bois Cognac, La Grange du Bois
  • La GUILDE - Artisan Distillers
    La GUILDE - Artisan Distillers

    La Guilde du Cognac unites the people who cultivate their vines, craft their wine, distil it into Cognac and watch over its ageing.
    These craft distillers master the art of creating peerless Cognacs with passion.

  • La Spiritueuse
    La Spiritueuse

    Two authors,
    a signature...

    The Spirit is born from a friendship...

    Ours: Céline and Vincent, two lovers of "beautiful things" and passionate about the world of spirits.

    Independent, lovers of the arts and attentive to everything around us, we wanted to develop a part of our sensibilities and passions from a new angle.

    Explorers at heart, we wanted to live an original adventure, that of a fragrant journey....

    Translated with (free version)

  • Larsen
  • Le Maine Castay
    Le Maine Castay Cognac, Le Maine Castay
  • Le Plantis des Vallées
    Le Plantis des Vallées Cognac, Queron, Le Plantis des Vallees
  • Le Réviseur
    Le Réviseur

    Cognac Le Réviseur

  • Le Roch
    Le Roch

    Cognac, Le Roch

  • Léopold Gourmel
    Léopold Gourmel

    Cognac Leopold Gourmel

  • Les Brûleries Modernes
    Les Brûleries Modernes

    Almost 250 years after its origins, the VINET-DELPECH Distillery creates "Les Brûleries Modernes"!

  • Leyrat
    Leyrat Cognac Leyrat
  • Lheraud
  • Logis de Montifaud
    Logis de Montifaud Cognac, Logis de Montifaud
  • Louis Royer
    Louis Royer Cognac Louis Royer
  • Maison Coquard-Thomas
    Maison Coquard-Thomas

    Maison Coquard-Thomas is owned by Claire Coquard and her husband Olivier Thomas.

    Their marriage and their families bring together more than 25 generations of history and experience in wine.

    We can affirm that our cognacs, coming from this unique terroir, are: estate cognacs with "their" own identity.

    Our vines are cultivated "organically".

    - Surface of 27 Ha

    - Total production of 90000 bottles

    - An ageing cellar with more than 100 barrels.

    We have always sold to the most prestigious trading houses, such as Hennessy, Camus, Courvoisier and others.

    Today we produce our cognac in our cellars.

  • Maison Villevert
    Maison Villevert

    Based in Cognac, southwestern France, Maison Villevert is a family run company, custodian of a mindset that dates back to the Renaissance.
    Inspired by grapes and the french art de vivre, Maison Villevert's teams invent, package and build premium brands to make them shine around the world.

  • Marancheville


    We are convinced that tasting cognac is not only reserved for connoisseurs – it is above all to live a real moment of pleasure.
    This is the belief that inspires us to share the ‘Marancheville experience’ with you.
    Marancheville is also the story of our association around a common passion: cognac.
    Having inherited family know-how, we wish to convey our tastes and sensibility by offering generous and unique cognacs.
    Furthermore, the Marancheville spirit is the desire to develop a community where everyone can enrich our creative behaviour.

  • Marnier Lapostole
    Marnier Lapostole Cognac Grand Marnier
  • Marquis de La Fayette
  • Martell
  • Maxime Trijol
    Maxime Trijol

    In 1954, Maxime Trijol became a wine and brandy broker. He was officially recognised as a professional distiller in 1962.

  • Menard

    For nearly two centuries, the MENARD family have cultivated the same land. The official and perfectly preserved land registry records show that in 1815 Jean MÉNARD owned a sizeable vineyard, and was already involved in distilling.

    Today, the MÉNARD family vineyards stretch over around 80 hectares. On this land, entirely situated in Grande Champagne, the premier cru of the Cognac region, they harvest wines to produce MENARD Cognac - Grande Fine Champagne (AOC) and MENARD Pineau des Charentes (AOC).

  • Merlet & Fils
    Merlet & Fils

    Since 1850 the Distillerie Merlet & Fils has been distilling Cognac « Eaux-de-Vie » for some of the most reknown Cognac houses. Originally focused on this activity the company made the choice of diversification under Gilles Merlet’s influence.

    In the 1970’s a tough economic environment lead Gilles to experiment some alternative cultivations. He ended up by planting some blackcurrant bushes and the first “crème de cassis” bottles would then be shortly produced. A full range of fruit liqueurs would then follow and has been traded under the Merlet brand since then. The Distillerie Merlet & Fils had also invested in partnership with several other vine growers in a wine making plant.

    In 2001 Merlet & Fils creates the liqueur Hpnotiq and gets its production exclusivity. The sales boomed in the USA which allowed the distillery to invest in a modern bottling plant. Since then the company has focused its development on innovation.

    In 2005 has began the Leblon project in partnership the company Leblon LLC. The Distillerie Merlet & Fils is such involved in this project that they decide in 2008 to buy a Cachaça distillery in Brasil.

    In 2009 the Merlet Fruits Liqueurs range harvests many awards in several international spirits competitions and the brand SYMPA is launched. Between development of its own brands and services for private labels the Distillerie Merlet & Fils carries on innovating and constantly creates the buzz.

  • Mery-Melrose

    Méry Melrose is an artisan cognac house, established in 2012, by François and Janis Méry.  An independent cognac house with organic vineyards, a distillery, aging and blending cellars, that has begun distribution of its’ hand-crafted cognacs worldwide.

  • Meukow

    The Meukow House was founded in the 19th century. In 1850, Auguste-Christophe and Gustav Meukow, two brothers from Silesia, were sent to France by Tsar Alexander II of Russia with orders to secure the supply of cognac for the Court. After several voyages, they decided to set up a commercial office in the town of Cognac and founded the A.C. MEUKOW & Co. House on 1 August 1862

  • Michel Bureau
  • Monfleurie
  • Monnet

    The House of Monnet was founded in 1838 by an association of vineyard owners in southwest France. Their company, which was initially named Société des Propriétaires Vinicoles de Cognac, was presided over and then purchased by Jean-Gabriel Monnet, who gave it his name in 1897 and chose as its emblem the salamander.

  • Normandin Mercier
    Normandin Mercier

    The Normandin-Mercier House was established in 1872 by Jules NORMANDIN, a Cognac brooker and landowner.
    The site of the Property, close to La Rochelle, is the result of a strategic choice of the XIXth century. At this time, the city was the major export harbour for Cognac, both located on the coast and on the rail network.
    This exceptional site offers the perfect ageing for Cognac with a very natural regulation of hygrometry and temperature. In these cellars, there are only Cognac from Grande and Petite Champagne.

  • Ordonneau

    Ordonneau Domaine de la Grolette Cognac is a small family-run producer, with a typical Charentais property called Domaine de la Grolette in the Borderies Cru growing area. The entire process of the production takes place in and around the property. The 33 hectare estate is run by Gerard Ordonneau, staying true to traditional double distillation. The cognac is typical for a Borderies blend, refined and aged in oak barrels.

  • Painturaud

    Family has developed its estate since the end of the 19th century. It’s a family business from father to son for four generations. Guy Painturaud created Painturaud Brand in 1934 and developed a range of Grande Champagne Cognacs and Pineau Des Charentes.

    Its vineyard is based in Segonzac, the heart of “Grande Champagne”, 1er Cru of Cognac appellation.

    Its vineyard is planted on hillsides that are very favourable to vine culture. The calcareous soil allows to develop a very fine eau-de-vie destined to age in French oak barrels.

  • Park

    Cognac Park

  • Pasquet
    Pasquet Cognac Pasquet
  • Paul Beau
    Paul Beau Cognac Paul Beau
  • Paul Giraud
    Paul Giraud

    Cognac Paul Giraud

  • Philbert

    We are creators. We were the first in the Cognac region to use a rare cask finish in re-used Sauternes and Oloroso Sherry casks. We are out of step with the usual rules for producing Cognac, we want to make things happen for these product lines. We practice the art of distillation and aging to offer you a different esthetic experience. We design emotions in our estate covering both Grande and Petite Champagne.

  • Pierre Ferrand
  • Pierre LECAT
    Pierre LECAT



    Timing is everything. In order to have the best maturation possible, it is essential to wait for the right moment. Both Cognac and watchmaking require patience; time can be counted in years, even decades.
    During a long period in casks, our Cognacs acquire the wood components that give them their characteristic golden, amber and mahogany color.
    Over time, delicate oak wood and vanilla notes develop to further enhance the aromas and flavors. Finally, with evaporation, traditionally called “the angel’s share”, the Cognac becomes concentrated into a work of art for the connoisseur’s nose and the palate.
    Our different Cognacs are carefully assembled throughout this aging process to create the ultimate result Pierre Lecat is proud of today.

  • Pinard
  • Planat

    It is impossible to talk about PLANAT Cognac without mentioning this illustrious family which contributed to its creation and to the international influence of this brand.

    ABEL PLANAT, former aide-de-camp of Napoleon, created in 1828 the Planat & Co. Trading Company and took advantage of the dynamism commercial cognac to become one of the biggest exporters.

    OSCAR PLANAT, son of Abel took over in 1858 and developed the business, making the brand one of the top 3 in the world, alongside Hennessy and Martell. Oscar Planat also marked the history of his region by becoming, like his father, Deputy of Charente and Mayor of Cognac.

    In 1889, Oscar’s sister Claire inherited the business and entrusted the management to her two sons-in-law.

    When they died, it was Joseph Pionneau, the Cellar Master of the house PLANAT, trained by Oscar himself, who took over the reins of the society. He and his son will contribute to the sustainability of the brand until 1966, when the Maison Camus bought the buildings in the heart of Cognac as well as the brand.

    Camus will contribute to PLANAT’s international development until 2018, when the brand is sold to the Cognac Planat & Co.

    A new page remains to be written ...

  • Polignac
    PRUNIER Cognac Prunier
  • Rabaudié
  • Ragnaud Sabourin
    Ragnaud Sabourin Cognac Ragnaud Sabourin
  • Raymond Bossis
    Raymond Bossis

    It was in 1919 that the Domaine des Groies was bought by Philippe Bétard. His daughter Marie married Auguste Bossis in 1921 and it was in 1924 that Auguste Bossis began to plant vines.

    But it was in 1957 when Raymond Bossis, his son, took over the exploitation that the vineyard developed.

  • Raymond Ragnaud
    Raymond Ragnaud Cognac Raymond Ragnaud
  • Remi Landier
  • Remy Couillebaud
    Remy Couillebaud Cognac Remy Couillebaud
  • Rémy Martin
  • Rémy Tourny
  • Renault

    A History of Excellence - Renault Cognac House is celebrating the 180th Anniversary.

    Jean Antonin Renault, a 25-year-old Charentais businessman created Renault Cognac in the town of Cognac in 1835. He enjoyed a reputation as an innovator who appreciated true quality. Renault was the first cognac maker to ship his cognac in bottles which guaranteed that the cognac kept its original taste and delicate flavours. Renault was a great voyager and he started to sell cognac during his travels to Scandinavia, Germany, Eastern Europe, Iceland, the Americas and Asia.

  • René Rivière
  • Roland Bru
    Roland Bru

    Born close to the Charente, Roland Bru has always had a keen interest in great cognacs.

    With age, this interest became enthusiasm, then passion.

    From this passion came his vision and his dream of one day being able to create the best cognacs.

  • Roullet

    The history of Roullet Сognac House dates back to the XVIII century to a place called Le Goulet in the village of Foussignac located to the north of Jarnac in the Cognac region. This is the place where the Roullet family owned vineyards from 1772 and where Paul Frédéric Roullet founded the Cognac House in 1780.

  • S.O.B

    S.O.B : Selection Olivier Blanc Cognac

  • St Rob
  • Sylvelune
    Sylvelune Cognac Sylvelune
  • Tesseron
  • Tiffon

    Rums selected by Maxime Trijol Cognacs!

  • Vallein-Tercinier

    Established at the Domaine des Forges in Chermignac since 1791, Georges Vallein offered Cognac commer­cially from 1850. His son Paul Vallein, his grandson Louis Tercinier, his great grandson Robert Tercinier succeeded him.
    Vallein Tercinier is an independent family-run House, which for over a century and a half distils and raises eaux-de-vie from each “crus” to offer connoisseurs the best selection of Cognac blends and cask strengths.

  • Vaudon